Real world instructional design – Go out into the world (e.g. grocery store, mall, etc.) and locate two examples of instructional design in which which you, the viewer/reader are expected to learn something.

I didn’t have to go far; I had two learning experiences here at home.

1.  My husband is always working on a project around the house. Last week he taught our son how to use a nail gun and a table saw. He was remodeling a room, so I can use as an office (so I can have a place to read my Bible and study, away from traffic). He used old fence wood and my son helped him pulling nails out of the fence boards, cutting to fit, and nail them to the wall.

2. After he finished the room I needed some curtains. I had some fabric, so I got my daughter to help me. I taught her how to measure the windows, cut the fabric, and sew it. Our Labor Day weekend was busy, but at least my kids learned new skills that can be helpful to them later in life.


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