What have you learned from the analysis? What are you planning to do with it? Do a little brainstorming about what activities tied to your learning objectives that you might include in the design of your lesson.
Analysis is a vital part of the instructional design. Is the part when the designer will analyze the audience, the setting, and the goals and objectives. Is the beginning of planning the lesson. It is the time to find answers for some very important questions like: What learners know and what they need to know? What goals will I reach after the instruction? What the audience will learn and how will they learn? What tools are available for me to use to deliver my lesson?
I need to analyze the skills level of my learners. Are they comfortable with computers? Will I reach my goal with an online only lesson, or should I blend online and face to face, or should it be 100% face to face? Should I use videos to help deliver the message? What about the English proficiency? There are a few students who came from another country like me, and maybe they will need extra help. WOW, there is a lot to analyze.
Reading the “Designing Instructional Systems” from Molenda, Pershing, and Reigeluth, I learned that it is essential to consider the characteristics of the learners; their background, job experiences, aptitudes, motivations, and styles of learning. I also learned that there are three important facts to consider. 1. Entry competencies – learning about the knowledge and. skills of the learners. 2. General characteristics – age, job experience, culture, etc. 3. Learning styles – providing option for learning – self-study, group work, online work, etc.
What about goals? According to Gagne, goals are “sometimes conceived as objectives reflecting human performance, and sometimes as learning outcomes implying the acquired capabilities for those performances”. Goal can be summarized as the finishing line of my instructional design. My goal is to teach something to my learners, and to accomplish it, I will have to design a successful learning instruction.


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