Analysis & Design

How are analysis and design related for you? Think about it in the context the articles and chapters we have read thus far. How closely should these two pieces of the model connect? How does the Information R/Evolution affect each of these?

I think analysis is related to design because a designer needs to analyze their audience, and the tools that are available, before start designing the learning material. Without proper analysis, it will be difficult to design an effective instruction, and the goals and objectives would not be attained. In the analysis step, we will learn about the audience needs, and also the audience skills. We will also learn about the environment, what tools will be available for the lesson. After a deep analysis, we are ready to design the lesson. We will know the message that needs to be delivered, and how we will deliver it.
If a projector is available, a PowerPoint presentation, or a video can be used. If the class will be taught in a computer lab, or online, there are a variety of audio and videos that can be used. But can you imagine delivering a lesson, decades ago? When I was in grade school, computers were not in place, so the only tools available were chalk, and the chalkboard. My mother was an elementary school teacher, and I remember her using carbon paper and a mimeograph to duplicate the exams for her class. Watching the video Information R/evolution, I thought about the old typewriters. The video also reminded me of the library that I used to go when I was a kid, where all the titles were written on index cards and filed in large drawers.
Before I moved here, 17 years ago, computers were starting to replace typewriters. After I moved here, I learned that computers could do a little more than better looking letters.
Today we have amazing tools to helps deliver a killer class. Unfortunately, I am not a great graphic designer, and I am still learning the first steps on instructional design, but my goal is to learn what I can while still in school, but dive deeper after I graduate next May.


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