What do you think about instructional design so far?

I have been learning about instructional design since I was an undergraduate student. On each class I learn something new and review important concepts already learned.

Instructional design is complex, but very interesting. It is very important in our daily life. We are constantly learning something, by accident or on purpose, and someone had to design and implement a lesson for us to learn.

Working with the Biology Professors at the Applied Sciences department, I can experience how much work they put on the class they will teach even before the semester starts. They  plan the lesson, analyze goals and assessments and by the first exam, they will evaluate if the planned lesson is working or not, and maybe adjustments need to be made.

Design a lesson means care about those who are going to learn from the lesson.

I am enjoying learning about instructional design because I like to teach, and I would be very satisfied if I could design lessons for a living. I know that I am not going to finish this class knowing everything that I need to know about instructional design, but I am trying to learn the basics. Some of the readings have been very long and hard to understand. I have to reread a paragraph several times to grasp the concept. Because of that I am running thru the assignments and not putting a lot of efforts on them. But I am confident that I know more now than I knew before I started the class. Reading my classmates blogs have been very helpful to me and hopefully I will do a good job on my first project.  


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