Post a blog reflecting on the feedback you have received from your client. What changes will you make before implementation? Why? What did you ignore in the client’s feedback? Why?

Last week was crazy busy. My son attends an online school and he had exams on almost all his classes, and I had to spend more time coaching him. My coworkers are dropping like fly. My manager was off sick on Monday and Tuesday, and my supervisor is still home since last Thursday. I think I am getting something too, but I am taking my vitamins and trying to be strong. We couldn’t get together to talk about the instruction design, but she told me that the release of our new website was postponed, and she doesn’t know when we will be able to post the lesson. She also told me “You know technology more than me so I am sure that you are doing a good job”. She didn’t give any feedback, but since she doesn’t know a lot about working with the vehicles, and even less about instructional design, I would probably ignore some of her feedback.
I still don’t know who my peer who will review my work is, and whose work I will review, but I am sure Dr Warren will clarify things in tonight’s meeting.
Design the lesson has been a good experience and I am learning something new each week, but I wish we didn’t have weekly assignments, so we could spend more time reading.


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