Reflection on my first instructional design project.

Reflect on your first instructional design project. What went well? What did not? What will you do differently the next time?

This was my first experience designing an instructional project. I have done some PowerPoint lessons, but it was the fist time that I followed a design plan. I learned a lot with the project, but I know that I still have a lot more to learn. It has been a good experience, because it is not finished yet. The lesson was supposed to be posted online, but since my department is moving slowly from Dreamweaver to Drupal, I don’t know when I will be able to post it. To be able to finish the project, I will contact some students and ask them to go over the lesson and take the tests, so my supervisor and I can evaluate if it was successful or not.
I won’t be able to say what went well until I get the response from the learners. One thing went well: I know today more about instructional design than I knew before I started the project.
What would I do differently? I would give myself more time to work on it. Designing instruction is not an easy task, and it takes time to go thru all the steps.
I would like to say thanks to my partner Justin, who reviewed my project and helped me to correct some mistakes.
By the end of the week I will be able to write an evaluation of my project.


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