Reflecting on the Method of Loci

Reflect on the Method of Loci in your blog. What worked? What didn’t? How could you use such a cognitive activity, mental or visible to users, to improve the acquisition of knowledge in your designs?

The first time I heard about the Method of Loci was last Fall on a Cognitive Psychology class. I thought it was very interesting. I had 10 words to memorize, but I only got 5. After using the Method of Loci and my living room, I was able to remember all 10 words. I used it the other day to memorize a grocery list and it worked. It is amazing what our brain can do, if we just put it to work.

I tried to do follow the four steps on our homework, but it didn’t work. I could not make any sense out of the learning community using my office….

I would incorporate the method of Loci in my instructional design to help learners memorize the key steps of designing instruction.


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