Group work

What does it mean to manage/regulate yourself (self-regulate) and others? How does it bring you towards goals? How important is communication in this process and what helps/impedes it?

Discipline is the key for anything you want to accomplish. It is even more vital with online classes, where you don’t have a set time to do your work. As an online student I need to set a personal schedule that can match the class schedule, so I don’t miss deadlines.

Working in group on an online setting is very complicated. We don’t see each other, we don’t know each other schedule, and it is hard to set a time when everyone can be virtually together. I had one bad experience on LTEC 3440, where my partner was always late doing his part. I had to do the last part of the project by myself, or I would miss the deadline.

Communication is very important on a face to face class as well as on an online. I guess even more important online. I need to be very careful to what I say, so there are not any misunderstandings or I don’t get my partner/group offended.

I like to work in group, but I think it is almost impossible on an online setting. Some students are way ahead of schedule and some are way behind, and it is hard to get a compromise to help the group.

We have an excellent group in this class, because we attendance was good on the online meetings, and everyone was very helpful to each other.


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