The Future of Instructional Design

I think that elearning is the future of instructional design. I understand that it is already happening, but instructional design will go even deeper on online education. We live in a small rural area and my daughter is a sophomore in the local High School. She told me that next year students will be obligated to take one online class.  I don’t know the reason why but I think it is a very good idea. Many students get into college without any experience with online classes, and if they have to take one, they don’t know what to do.

My whole college career has been on an online setting, and I see more and more online programs at UNT and other colleges too. My son is attending an online middle school, and when he started 3 years ago, they didn’t offer high school online classes. Now they do.

As a staff at UNT, we are offered a great deal of online training classes, so we can take them from our office, instead of going around campus. It is also getting harder and harder to find a space for a class at UNT Denton.

Instructional Designers need to be trained on designing online instructions. On a competitive market, the most diverse online instructor will be the one to get the job. I am glad this class is giving us the opportunity of designing an elearning class.


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