Change of Mind

I was working on a computer basic skills lesson for seniors, but I contacted my local library and it looked like our senior community don’t visit the library very often. I guess it would not work.
Talking to my daughter’s friends, I found out that they all use Photoshop on their smartphone, but they have no idea on how to use the full desktop version.
My daughter said that they take pictures all day long using their phones and they would be very interest on learning Photoshop, specially because two of them are interested in pursue a career in photography.
I already have the lesson plan outlined. I just need to figure it out how to make it available online for them. On my Summer class I learned that there are some educational websites where an Instructor can post a lesson. I don’t know how it could work for me, since I am not a certified instructor.
Figure it out how to have the lesson available online will be my priority this week. With the Thanksgiving Holiday and having family over, I will still have to squeeze some research time.


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