Designing Instruction

What does it mean to design instruction? What skills do you think you need to have in order to do it professionally?

Design instruction is to draw a plan to deliver instruction. The instruction design needs to know the instruction subject, analyze the audience, and design an instruction suitable to the audience.

I was researching online and I found an interesting article about the 10 qualities of an Instructional Designer. It is from the ELearning Coach and was written by Connie Malamad. According to the author, the list is focusing on designing eLearning. The full article can be found at

Conceptually and intuitively understand how people learn.

Know how to connect with an audience on an emotional level.

Be capable of imagining oneself as the learner/audience member.

Be obsessed with learning everything.

Brainstorm creative treatments and innovative instructional strategies.

Visualize instructional graphics, the user interface, interactions and the finished product.

Write effective copy, instructional text, audio scripts and video scripts.

Meld minds with Subject Matter Experts and team members.

Know the capabilities of eLearning development tools and software.

Understand related fields—usability and experience design, information design, communications and new technologies.


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