Reflection about my product.

Think about your product. Will it do what your client wants? How will you measure it? Are you happy with it? Unhappy? Why?
My product will be designing a Photoshop lesson for high school students. Students are very used to work with the mobile version available on their smartphones, but they don’t know anything about the full version of Photoshop.
My client would like to have an online lesson where students could go and learn the basics of Photoshop, at their own pace. I think the lesson that I am designing will serve my client’s need. After each lesson, students will be asked to perform a task, and by their ability or inability to perform it, we will evaluate the effectiveness of the lesson.
I am very happy with the lesson, because I am being able to use what I learned from a Photoshop class that I took  in the Summer of 2010.


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