Project B Self-evaluation

I did much better in the second project. I designed a Photoshop lesson using screenshots. I went thru every lesson in details and I think it is very easy for a high school student to follow the class and learn with each step.

I am a self learned person, and the majority of computer stuff that I know, I learned on tutorials that I found online.

I understand that not everyone is able to learn without an instructor, but for those that are, my lesson was valid. My husband was looking behind my back as I was working on the lesson and he said: “After you finish it I will use to learn Photoshop, since you never have time to teach me.” I thought that it would be very cool if he can learn using my lesson because he is 71 and not savvy at all with computers.

I could have design an even better lesson if timing wasn’t an issue. I was planning to work on it over the Thanksgiving break, but I had unexpected visitors, and I could not concentrate.

I enjoyed designing lessons and I will keep doing it.


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